MobileConnect Configuration

Configure Your System Using the Manager

In order to configure your MobileConnect Stations and App, simply open the MobileConnect Manager interface in a browser at the URL you configured (e.g. at or https://your-manager-hostname).


The MobileConnect Manager currently supports the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

With the MobileConnect Manager, you can configure the following features:

  • MobileConnect App:
    • Rename channel names.

    • Hide or unhide channels.

    • View/Change/Download QR codes and Channel IDs for your streaming channels.

  • MobileConnect Stations:
    • Rename a MobileConnect Station.

    • Set the Station audio configuration.

    • Configure the Station network interfaces.

    • Update the software of MobileConnect Stations.

    • Reset of MobileConnect Stations.

    • Remove a Station from the Manager.

    • Since MobileConnect Station firmware version 6.0.5, it is possible to reboot a Station using the Manager.

Configure Your Station Using the Local Admin Interface

Your MobileConnect Stations can be configured using a local admin interface. The preferred way to configure a Station is using the Manager (for more information see Configure Your System Using the Manager). Here are some examples when the local admin interface can be used:

  • You want to configure your Station’s network interfaces, before connecting the Station to the Manager.

  • Your Station is not connecting to the Manager and you want to download its logs.

  • You want to authorize a Station (affects Station firmware 6.1.0 and higher (for more information see Authorize a Station).

The steps how to connect to the local admin interface are given below:

  • Configure your PC with the static IP address, netmask:

  • Connect the Station’s LAN1 or Ctrl port directly to your PC.

  • Open a browser and navigate to to open the local admin interface.

Installing a Custom SSL Certificate

If you want to use your own certificate you can replace the preinstalled self-signed certificate that the MobileConnect Manager uses.


Make sure your certificate matches the host name of the redirect URL entered during the MobileConnect Manager creation at

  • Enter the traefik subfolder in your MobileConnect Manager installation directory.

cd /home/$USER/mcmanager/traefik
  • Replace certificate.cert with your certificate and privatekey.key with your private key (both files must be in PEM format).

  • The changes will take affect after restarting the gateway service, using the command below.

docker restart mcm_gateway

For additional information about configuring certificates visit