Step 1. Configure your network

The MobileConnect system supports several network scenarios, described in detail in the MobileConnect Network Whitepaper. You can use one single network or two separate networks for streaming and control. Below you can find the simplest setup using a single network for streaming and control.

  • Streaming network - used for the public devices

  • Control network - used for control of the MobileConnect Station and access to the MobileConnect Manager web interface

Single network solution

The MobileConnect system also supports NAT and Eduroam.

More advanced scenarios and recommendations are covered in detail in the Network Whitepaper, such as:

  • Using two separate networks for streaming and control, for better network separation and improved security. Make sure the two networks use different IP ranges.

  • Add a proxy to limit access to the MobileConnect Manager


The MobileConnect system uses DNS service discovery by default in Manager Mode, for the apps and Stations to discover the Manager. It needs a single SRV record of _mcal._tcp per network, which points to the MobileConnect Manager. You need to provide your own DNS server. The following example shows the configuration needed for a DNS server. Adapt it to your DNS server in use.

Service Name

















IP address of mc-manager

  • Replace “” with your own domain.

  • Use FQDN and not a direct IP address for the SRV “Target”.

  • The target hostname “mc-manager” can be replaced with any hostname you want to give to the MobileConnect Manager. Above you can see an example of the A record.

In case you are using two separate networks for streaming and control, you can configure the fixed Manager IP address on your Station, instead of using DNS discovery. This allows you to avoid having to configure DNS in your control network. Simply follow the instructions in Configure the Manager IP Address on the Station, after finishing all setup steps.


In case you want to avoid using DNS in your installation see Configure Your Manager without DNS.


The following DHCP settings are required so that the MobileConnect Apps can discover the MobileConnect Manager:

  • For Android → configure the “Domain name” option of the DHCP protocol (DHCP Option 15). Android ignores the “Search Domains” option (DHCP Option 119).

  • For iOS → if you only use one search domain, set the “Domain Name” option of the DHCP protocol. If you use multiple search domains, the domain must be also set in the “Search domains” option.

  • The MobileConnect Station respects both options “Domain Name” and “Search Domains”.

In case you have a firewall in your network, also see Firewall Recommendations.

Firewall Recommendations

The MobileConnect Manager requires the following ports to be open:

  • Port 8000 needs to be accessible from the mobile clients.

  • Port 80/443 needs to be accessible from the MobileConnect Station and the systems used to access the Manager interface.

  • Port 8383 needs to be accessible from the MobileConnect Station.

The MobileConnect Station requires the following ports to not be filtered:

  • Port 8005, incoming, TCP

  • Port range 3200 to 3400, UDP

In case you want to access the Station’s local admin interface in the control network:

  • Port 443