Manager Troubleshooting

General recommendations


The MobileConnect Manager must always be connected to the Internet.

  • During all installation steps.

  • Before you can log in.


You can only access the MobileConnect Manager using the redirect URL. Using the Manager server IP address will not work.

Accessing the MobileConnect Manager Web Interface

The MobileConnect Manager page shows error “This site can’t be reached”.

  1. The URL you are trying to access is incorrect

  2. The URL is not accessible in your network

  3. The redirect URL configured in the Manager Setup is incorrect. Update it with the correct one at

Problems logging in, third party cookies are blocked.

Recent browser releases block cookies used on third-party sites you have not visited directly. To log into the MobileConnect Manager, your browser needs to allow third-party cookies from Microsoft (

Try adding this domain to the white list for your browser or unblocking third-party cookies temporarily.

Newly added members cannot log in to the MobileConnect Manager.

If a newly added member cannot log in and gets error “Sorry, something unexpected happened”, you need to update your MobileConnect Manager. The members feature is available with Manager version 1.2.0. To update the Manager follow the instructions in MobileConnect Manager Upgrade and Redeploy.

The MobileConnect Manager page shows error “403 Forbidden”.

  • Check if you are already a member of this Manager on your Profile at

  • Check if you accepted the invitation to be a member of this Manager on your Profile.

  • Try logging out and logging in again.

The MobileConnect Manager interface is showing an error “500 Web server not running” or a blank page.

  • Make sure that your Manager PC has Internet connection.

  • You have to accept cookies from the Managers hostname.

  • You also have to accept a third-party cookie from

  • List all dockers with the command below and check if any have status “Restarting”.

docker ps
export SA_PASSWORD=Mypass123
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d
  • If you are still experiencing the same problem -> try restarting all docker containers.

docker restart mcm_configuration_api mcm_manager_web mcm_updater_api mcm_database mcm_lister_api mcm_gateway mcm_messagebroker mcm_registry

If the steps above did not fix this issue, it may be that you set the wrong password for the database. Please try the following:

  • Shut down your MobileConnect Manager using “docker-compose down”.

  • Locate the database volume by typing “docker volume ls” and looking for a volume starting with your installation folder and ending in _sqldata (for example mcmanager_sqldata).

  • Delete the database by typing “docker volume rm <databasevolume_name>”, for example “docker volume rm mcmanager_sqldata”.

  • Restart your MobileConnect Manager using “docker-compose up -d”

If you still have issues, contact us at

MobileConnect Manager page is doing endless reloads in Firefox

Go to “Privacy” settings in your browser. Either use the default privacy settings (“strict”) or in “custom privacy settings”, you have to allow third party from visited websites only. After changing the settings, you have to restart Firefox.

MobileConnect Manager restart

The MobileConnect Manager is not starting after server reboot.

  • After a restart of the MobileConnect Manager server or power outage, the docker containers are not always restarted properly.

  • An error can also occur if there is no DNS configuration after boot.

  • Make sure that automatic restart of docker is enabled as shown in Step 3. Install the MobileConnect Manager.

  • Run the following commands to fix the issue:

cd /home/$USER/your_mcmanager_installation_dir
export SA_PASSWORD=YourPass
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

MobileConnect Manager docker-compose

Docker-compose throws “Invalid interpolation format” error.

  • If you are running Ubuntu 18.04 and previously installed docker-compose, you may see this error message when upgrading the MobileConnect Manager.

  • To resolve it, you need to upgrade docker-compose.

  • First, uninstall old docker and docker-compose versions with:

sudo apt remove docker docker-engine containerd runc
sudo apt-get purge docker-compose