About the Product

Sennheiser MobileConnect is an assistive and personal listening solution that streams live audio content via WiFi to any iOS or Android phone in the room. As no additional receivers are needed, costs and maintenance effort for operators are kept at a minimum.

MobileConnect integration

The MobileConnect system works in the following way: it enables live audio streaming in the network. The typical input source is a microphone that picks up the voice of a speaker/moderator and the audio output can be listened to on a mobile device. The system consists of MobileConnect Station, MobileConnect Manager and MobileConnect app.

MobileConnect system components

MobileConnect Station

The MobileConnect system is highly scalable in the number of audio streams that can be created, just by adding network streaming transmitters - the so called MobileConnect Station. The MobileConnect Station is integrated into the existing campus network and distributes the audio content via WiFi to the MobileConnect App on the user’s personal smartphone. In larger environments like university campuses, multiple rooms can provide the assistive listening service using an individual MobileConnect Station as an “Audio-to-Network bridge”.

MobileConnect App

The assistive listening end users are receiving the audio streams over WiFi using the MobileConnect App (available at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store). This app was designed to support hearing impaired people using our Personal Hearing Assistant. Wired headphones or an inductive neck loop for hearing aid connectivity (T-Coil-Position) are connected to the end users smart device to achieve the excellent experience.

Manager and Standalone Mode

The MobileConnect system can be operated and administered in two modes of integration - Manager and Standalone Mode. Regardless of the number of devices, the MobileConnect Stations can be managed by a single management tool, the MobileConnect Manager or individually. Choose the mode more suitable for your premises.

Channel Access

The end user can connect to a location specific audio streaming channel by browsing the channel list within the App or by using the App to scan a specific QR code. Scanning a QR code or typing in manually a channel ID is the only possible procedure to connect users, if channels are hidden on purpose. The QR codes include all audio streaming channel connection details.

Channel Security

The MobileConnect system offers the PIN code feature, allowing the administrator to configure a 6 digit PIN for a streaming channel. The App user has to enter the PIN in order to stream. The PIN code can be generated with a random number or entered manually.

MobileConnect API

Until now, MobileConnect operators needed to print or download an audio streaming channel specific information such as the QR code to be used e.g. for a location specific presentation. We introduced the MobileConnect API which enables you to integrate MobileConnect into a 3rd party system such as media control system. The main advantage is enabling an automated workflow to minimize management efforts for changing audio streaming channel details. To make integration easier, Sennheiser also provides 3rd party plugins for the Crestron and Extron systems.

Choosing Mode of Integration

In Manager Mode all MobileConnect Stations in the network can be conveniently administered and managed remotely by the MobileConnect Manager software.

  • This mode is suitable for using multiple (>5) MobileConnect Stations.

  • The MobileConnect Manager represents the single point of administration for all MobileConnect Stations.

  • It is a highly scalable solution: additional Stations can easily be added to the system.

  • It provides the full range of MobileConnect capabilities, e.g. receiving cloud software updates or using different user roles for accessing the MobileConnect Manager.

  • MobileConnect App users can easily view and access the streaming channels automatically or by scanning a QR code.

  • You can find a list of system requirements for using the Manager Mode here.

In Standalone Mode a single MobileConnect Station can be run and administered using its local web interface.

  • This mode is suitable for using one or few (<5) MobileConnect Stations.

  • Each MobileConnect Station has to be configured and managed separately via its local admin interface; there is no centralized configuration.

  • This mode is easier to install and integrate into the network and requires less IT support.

  • The MobileConnect App users can only access a streaming channel by scanning a QR code.

  • Standalone Mode users can always switch their system to Manager Mode.

  • This mode is only supported for MobileConnect Station v2.

  • You can find a list of system requirements for using the Standalone Mode here.

System requirements for the two modes are provided here: