Upgrading a Legacy MobileConnect Station

There are two versions of the MobileConnect Station (MCS) hardware: legacy MCS v1 (2015-2020) and MCS v2 (Current version).

MobileConnect Station v1

MCS v1

Previously, the MobileConnect system supported two network modes: integrated mode and standalone mode. It operated in a self-forming cluster. After MobileConnect Station release 6.0.0 the system has been completely redesigned. The existing modes of operation are no longer supported.

All previously bought MobileConnect Stations can be upgraded to run the new firmware version 6.0.0 and above. Before making the decision to upgrade, please consider the following:

Why you should upgrade: - MobileConnect Station versions 6.0.0 and above are more stable, easier to integrate into existing network infrastructure and deliver a superior audio experience with the new MobileConnect App.


Customers, who want to continue using the legacy system (firmware 5.1.0 and below), can do so and are advised to update their firmware to the latest version 5.1.0. However, this is the last release for the legacy system. There will be no future updates.

Use cases when to update

  • You are using the MobileConnect Station in integrated mode using DNS → you can easily upgrade to the latest version.

  • You are using the MobileConnect Station in integrated mode using Multicast → you can easily upgrade to the latest version, but you have to configure DNS service discovery.


Multicast service discovery is not supported anymore, due to lack of support in some network and mobile devices.

Use cases when not to upgrade

  • You are using the MobileConnect Station in standalone mode → in order to upgrade standalone mode, you need to integrate it into an existing network with Internet access, DNS service discovery, DHCP server and WiFi infrastructure.

  • You are using CinemaConnect and subtitles → the latest firmware does not support subtitles.

  • You cannot provide Internet access in your network → the latest firmware will not work in a network without Internet access.


Standalone mode is not supported anymore.

How to upgrade

Follow the instructions in the Quick setup to setup your network and the MobileConnect Manager. Before completing Step 4. Install the MobileConnect Station upgrade your MobileConnect Station v1 in the following way:

  • To get the latest firmware image, send an email to mc-support@sennheiser.com..

  • Create a bootable USB flash drive (FAT 32 compatible, 16GB or more, USB 2.0 or higher).

Example command Linux:

dd if=ConnectStation-6.0.5-release-21-installer.wic of=/dev/sdb bs=4MB && sync
  • Power off the MobileConnect Station, plug the USB flash drive into it and attach a USB keyboard, boot it, and then press enter to start the installation.

  • After a few minutes, the MobileConnect Station will power off when finished. Unplug the USB flash drive.

Continue with Step 4. Install the MobileConnect Station.