Software Upgrade/Downgrade, System Reset

MobileConnect Manager Upgrade and Redeploy

You can perform an update or redeploy of the Manager the same way the initial installation is done.

First, we recommend that you perform a backup of the Manager database before updating your Manager. See section MobileConnect Manager Database.

Enter your installation directory.

cd /home/$USER/mcmanager

Set your previously configured database password as local environment variable and stop the Manager.

export SA_PASSWORD='MyPass123'
docker-compose down


In case of “Invalid interpolation format” error after using the docker-compose command -> reinstall docker-compose following the instructions in “MobileConnect Manager docker-compose” in Manager Troubleshooting.

Open a browser and go to Login with your credentials and download the latest installation package from the “Manager setup” page. Always download the latest Manager configuration files to make sure you have the latest version and configuration.

Copy the installation package to the installation directory and extract the archive.

Install and run with:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

For more details, see section Step 3. Install the MobileConnect Manager.

MobileConnect Manager Database

The MobileConnect system uses a SQL Server 2019 database running in a Docker container. We recommend that you do a backup of your MobileConnect database regularly. Here is an example of how to do that.

  1. Backup

# Example PATH_FOR_BACKUP=~/backup
export PATH_FOR_BACKUP=~/backup
docker stop mcm_database
docker run --rm --volumes-from mcm_database -v PATH_FOR_BACKUP:/backup --name mcm_database_backup ubuntu bash -c "cd /var/opt/mssql && tar cf /backup/mcm_database.tar ."
docker rm -f mcm_database_backup
docker start mcm_database

# Check the database volume name (needed for restoring), with
docker volume ls | grep sqldata
  1. Restore

# Example PATH_FOR_BACKUP=~/backup
export PATH_FOR_BACKUP=~/backup

# Example DATABASE_VOLUME=mcmanager_sqldata
export DATABASE_VOLUME=mcmanager_sqldata
docker stop mcm_database
docker volume create $DATABASE_VOLUME
docker run --rm -v $DATABASE_VOLUME:/recover -v $PATH_FOR_BACKUP:/backup ubuntu bash -c "cd /recover && tar xvf /backup/mcm_database.tar"
docker start mcm_database

Stop and Remove the MobileConnect Manager

You can stop your MobileConnect Manager in the following way:

  • Navigate to the MobileConnect Manager installation directory.

  • Always set your database password before running docker-compose commands.

  • Run the command docker-compose down, which will stop the Manager containers and remove the related containers and networks.

export SA_PASSWORD='MyPass123'
docker-compose down

You can remove all docker data with the docker prune commands. Only do this if you have no other docker applications.

docker container prune
docker image prune -a
docker volume prune

Finally, remove all Manager installation files by navigating out of the installation directory and removing it.

cd ..

MobileConnect Station Update

The software upgrade and downgrade of a MobileConnect Station can be performed using the MobileConnect Manager.

  • Connect your MobileConnect Station to your MobileConnect network.

  • Open the MobileConnect Manager and go to Stations.

  • Select your device.

  • Click “recheck firmware versions” to check for the latest firmware version.

  • Click “Start update”.

  • Select a version and click “Update now”.

    • In case of errors shown on the Manager during the firmware update which are not resolved over time, reboot the MobileConnect Station.

    • Since Station version 6.0.6, the reboot can be performed via the Manager.


For upgrading a MCS v1 from software version 5.1.0 to higher, see section Upgrading a Legacy MobileConnect Station.

MobileConnect Station Reset

A software reset of the MobileConnect Station can be performed using the MobileConnect Manager.

  • Connect your MobileConnect Station.

  • Open the MobileConnect Manager and go to Stations.

  • Select your station.

  • Select “Reset device”.