API Requirements and Network Setup


The following requirements need to be fulfilled in order to integrate MobileConnect into your media control ecosystem:

  • You need to have a Media Control Ecosystem up and running. What the ecosystem consists of is completely up to you. Here are some examples:

  • The Media Control Ecosystem needs to be able to access the Manager (Manager mode) or Station (Standalone mode) via a local network connection.

    • The media control Management Node communicates via the authenticated RESTful MobileConnect API to the MobileConnect Manager.

    • The media control Management Node is able to download/display MobileConnect settings such as QR codes/PIN codes/channel status, etc.

    • The media control Management Node is able to manage displaying/updating MobileConnect settings on Digital Signage screens.

Example Network Setup in Manager Mode

The following schematic illustrates a local network infrastructure that shares a media control ecosystem with a MobileConnect system in “Manager Mode”.

MobileConnect workflow network setup schematic

Detailed information regarding the network setup components are listed below:

  • For a detailed MobileConnect Manager Mode setup description, please visit the MobileConnect Manager Mode Setup Guide.

  • For a detailed MobileConnect API description, please visit the MobileConnect API specification.

  • The MobileConnect App is available for a huge variety of mobile devices at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • The media control ecosystem is completely manufacturer dependent (e.g. Crestron, Extron, or other) and can consist of:

    • A media control content management and peripheral control node (local server).

    • One or more media control displays, digital door signs or other.

    • A corporate room calendar service (e.g. Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, Oracle OPERA or other).