Station Troubleshooting


The MobileConnect Station is not showing in the MobileConnect Manager list of stations.

  • Check the Station network connections.

  • Try rebooting the Station.

  • Make sure the DNS configuration is correct, see Step 1. Configure your network.

  • In case you have a MobileConnect Manager version 1.0.0 or 1.1.0:

    • Make sure the MobileConnect Manager is running before the MobileConnect Stations or reboot the MobileConnect Stations, after the MobileConnect Manager is started.

    • Open the local admin interface and check the Station firmware version. Station firmware version 6.1.0 is not compatible with Manager 1.0.0 or 1.1.0 due to the enhanced security feature.

    • Consider upgrading your Manager, for more see MobileConnect Manager Upgrade and Redeploy.

    • You can also downgrade the Station firmware, contact us at

The MobileConnect Station has status “Not Running” in the Manager interface.

  • Check the Station network cables are connected, and the Station network configuration is correct.

  • Was the Station authorization recently reset using the local admin interface (available since Station firmware version 6.1.0)? If yes, remove the Station from the Manager and restart it. For more information about authorization see the documentation for the latest versions Manager 1.2.x and Station 6.1.0 at

  • Was the Station sent back for repairs? If yes, remove the Station from the Manager and restart it.

MobileConnect Station update

The MobileConnect Station update was interrupted before it was completed.

  • If the MobileConnect Station is not updated and there are no errors on the Manager interface after the interruption → retry updating.

  • The MobileConnect Manager is showing an error after the interruption → restart the MobileConnect Station and try again.

  • The error message is still shown after restarting the MobileConnect Station → restart the MobileConnect Manager.

docker restart $(docker ps -a -q)

The MobileConnect Station update is not started after clicking “Start update” button.

Restart the MobileConnect Manager Docker containers and try again.

docker restart $(docker ps -a -q)

Note: this may interrupt streaming.

MobileConnect Station Network Configuration

You configured the IP address on the LAN2/PoE/Streaming port or LAN3/Ctrl port.

  • This port is used for the local administration interface and using it on the network ports may cause the local interface to become inaccessible.

  • To fix → remove the network connection of the streaming interface (LAN2/PoE/Stream port) and perform a reset followed by a reboot.

  • Alternatively change the IP address via the MobileConnect Manager.

You configured an IP address in the subnet on the MCSv1 LAN2 or LAN3.

  • The local admin interface may become inaccessible.

  • To access it again via LAN1 → unplug the LAN2 and LAN3 cables.

MobileConnect Station Channel Configuration

All Station channels are greyed out in the Manager “Mobile App Configuration” page.

  • Check whether your MobileConnect Station is “Running” in the Stations page.

  • Open the Station page, by selecting it from the Stations list. Select “Network”. Check the network configuration of your Station(s) and make sure that the Streaming network interface is connected and has a valid IP address (and not a link local address).

  • Open the Station page, by selecting it from the Stations list. Select a channel and enter the channel page. Make sure the “This channel is enabled” checkbox is selected.