Manager Access Management

The MobileConnect Manager is running on premise in your network. This section explains how to register a new Manager and manage the roles of its members.

Create an Account

First you need to create an account in order to register and later access a MobileConnect Manager for your organization.

  • Go to the MobileConnect Accounts portal at

  • Click “Sign up”.

  • Enter your email address and click “Send verification code”.

  • Enter the verification code that was sent to you by email into the “Verification code” field and click “Verify code”.

  • If you did not receive a code after 10 minutes via email you should check your spam folder. To receive a new code, click “Send new code”.

  • Enter and confirm your password.

  • Enter your name.

  • Accept the terms of use and the privacy policy.

  • Click the “Create” button.

You will now be automatically logged into the MobileConnect Accounts portal. There you can do the following:

  • Download your Manager software for Manager Mode.

  • Download your Station firmware (only necessary in Standalone Mode).

  • View/edit your Profile

  • Invite Manager members and manage their permissions.

You can now proceed with Register a Manager.

Register a Manager

Once you have created an account (see the previous section) you are ready to register and obtain your MobileConnect Manager.


If your Manager is already registered by another member of your organization, you do not need to register a new one. Instead request to be invited as a member to the existing Manager. For more information see Managing Members.

Log into your account at

Click “Manage Manager” in the top right of the page.

Manage Manager

Click “Register New Manager” and you will see the following page.

Register New Manager

Enter the name of your Manager. The name can be the name of your organization, e.g. “Sennheiser Streaming Technologies”.

Add a redirect URL that you plan to use as URL/domain name to access the MobileConnect Manager in your network.


To access your MobileConnect Manager after installation, open a browser and open the redirect URL. It can be a private domain or URL, but not an IP address or “localhost”.

Click “Save” and wait for your Manager to be registered. A new Manager section is shown on the page.

Get your MobileConnect Manager

Select “Download Manager” to obtain the installation and configuration files for the MobileConnect Manager. Your account has owner role for the Manager that you created. For more see Managing members.

Managing Members

If you have an owner account for the MobileConnect Manager, you can manage its members.

  • You can invite or remove members from your Manager.

  • Members have access to view and/or edit Manager configuration.


MobileConnect users streaming audio on their mobile devices do not require access to the MobileConnect Manager or any registration/invitation process.

  • A Manager can have multiple owners.

  • A Manager needs to have at least one owner, i.e. the last owner cannot be removed.

  • A user with a MobileConnect account can be a member of several MobileConnect Managers.


Inviting additional members is supported only for Manager version 1.2.0 and higher. Check your MobileConnect Manager version (bottom right corner) and upgrade following the steps in section MobileConnect Manager Upgrade and Redeploy.


A member can have one of the following roles:




Can view/edit Manager data and its members. Has full access to the MobileConnect Manager. Can view/edit API Tokens.


Can view/edit Manager data. Has full access to the MobileConnect Manager. Can view/edit API Tokens.


Has limited access to the MobileConnect Manager, e.g. can access Mobile App Configuration. Cannot view/edit API Tokens.

Invite members

You can invite new members to your Manager.


Inviting members requires owner role.

Manage Members
  • Add the member’s name, email, and select their role.

  • Click “Save”.

  • Copy the generated message and share it with the invited member using your email.

Send Invitation


Invited members are listed as “Pending” on the member page. To revoke or edit the invitation click the edit button.

  • The invited member can view all open invitations on their profile page. There they can accept or reject any pending invitation.

Edit members

You can edit and remove members of a Manager.


Editing members requires owner role.